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Meme Submissions

October 1, 2012

Jon Stewart explains how we can stop the Iranian Nuclear Program, as described by Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu at the UN Summit last week. Photo: The Daily Show


September 28, 2012

Photo by us

Because we have no originality…

Photo by us

and because Paris Hilton said some really mean things in public recently…

Photo by us

Now for some cute animals and a cool guy

Photo: Bird and Moon Comics (


September 27, 2012

solar, geothermal, green meme, paris hilton

Created by us


June 11th, 2012

Created by Karyn Boenker from Wild and Free Project



May 25th, 2012

Submitted by: Katie F.

Slightly off subject.. but…

and the one that made us ROFL..

May 17th, 2012

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