Contact and Bios


Karyn Boenker, MS

Founder and Research Director

Since 2005, I have instructed classes and performed public meetings with approximately 10,000 people across the the western United States, including Arizona, California, Washington, and Hawai’i. My reach has now expanded to Southeast Asia.

I am currently serving as a School Partnership Fellow for Kopernik (Ubud, Bali, Indonesia) and  d.light Design (San Francisco, CA) helping to bring d.light S1 solar lanterns to motivated students living without electricity in Timor-Leste. I am currently living in Ubud and will soon transition to San Francisco where I will be raising money for the project in local schools.

Previously, I served as an AmeriCorps member directing a science and safety education program with the American Red Cross Santa Barbara County Chapter. I have interned with numerous environmental outreach organizations and with Seattle’s National Public Radio (NPR) news and information station, KUOW.

I hold a MS in Environmental and Forest Sciences from the University of Washington and a BS in Political Science and Psychology from Arizona State University. My academic work has focused on communicating science, information technology, and the growing ability to track consumption choices and trends online. My professional focus has been on K-12 education and humanitarian aid. I have a strong interest in engaging with communities about challenges and solutions for the future. I believe that humor and social collaboration can save the world.


Jeremy Konick-Seese

Researcher and Writer

I hold a BA in French and Comparative Literature from the University of Washington (UW).  I previously worked for the UW and am a freelance writer/editor.

I am interested in ecological literary and cultural theory. I think that examining nature and the environment opens up a broader scope in any inquiry, and I would like to better understand how native Hawai’ians view their environment and place in it. I have primarily studied language, religion, literature and philosophy. I am also an amateur birder and love to engage with others through our blog.

Once Karyn and I have completed the first part of the Wild and Free Project, I will apply to graduate school and would like to build my work on my experiences with the Hawai’ian community.



Our home

We live on the south side of the Big Island, working for a small eco-resort. We live in a yurt with no connection to public utilities for water or electricity. Instead, these are provided on site through solar power and a water catchment system. You can visit us at the eco-resort by renting out an awesome retrofitted VW bus or a yurt. If you happen to be passing through the Big Island and you love the outdoors, you should stop by. Contact us for info!


Join us

We would like to work with companies, individuals, and organizations related to our cause. Please contact us about story ideas, press releases, opportunities, networking, product promotion, politics, campaigns, green meme ideas, and environmental questions. If you have comments, we would love to hear them. Don’t be afraid! You can email us or complete the form below. Mahalo!