The Wild and Free Project is Karyn and Jeremy.

We are two academic adventurers attempting to publicize a documentary-style research project in Hawai’i.

We document interviews and conversations with locals about nature, energy technology, resources, and our future. Through this website, we hope to create a much larger community for conversation. Long term, the goal of our project is to discuss energy technology and engage with communities throughout the world. Right now, we are talking to residents on the big island of Hawaii.

Find our short bios here.

Find out more about our research here.

Our current home is a modern yurt in the middle of a lava flow that occured in 1887 off the southern end of the big island. We live off-the-grid and receive our electricity from solar power. Our water is purified through a catchment system.

We intend to provide:

How-to videos for green everything

Resources for the eco-curious

Green related news and current events

Environmental philosophy with a comedic touch

A view inside the world of science and off-grid living

We recently took part in the SciFund Challenge 2, the world’s largest crowdfunding campaign for science. In our round, 75 scientists from around the globe raised $100,000! Our campaign pulled in enough to purchase a motorized bicycle from Hawaii Green Bikes, while personal savings purchased a second (they get 100MPG!). These unique and handcrafted bikes (in combination with the island bus) will be used for transportation to interviews and energy sites around the Big Island of Hawaii.

In November, the team will attempt a second fundraising effort on Kickstarter in order to extend outreach, production, and venue relationships for the video project.

For now, we’re focusing on our website’s content and the research.


Follow the Wild & Free Project as it grows

Twitter: http://twitter.com/WildFreeProject


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WildFreeProject

Rockethub: http://rkthb.co/7525

Please share your thoughts, all are welcome and will receive a thoughtful response.

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