Springtime In The Northwest



By Jeremy:

One of the strangest things for me about living in Hawaii was that there weren’t really “seasons” to speak of. As I’ve written on here before, there are changes but they don’t came in waves like the turning of a season.

Although it wasn’t on purpose, my return to Seattle coincided with the bursting forth of spring. In Seattle especially, spring is an occasion for celebration: it marks the return of sun, longer days, and much of the green that this “Emerald City” is famous for. It also brings beautiful flowers and birds, like the cherry blossoms and robin pictured above in my parents’ backyard.





I have always loved springtime in Seattle, and now I appreciate it so much more. I have missed the smells of the Northwest, which are particularly evident this time of year: a swirling mix of verdant new growth, cool piney smells, and rich, dark, wet earth. It is a smell that I identify so closely with, I don’t even have a specific earliest memory to which I can tie it: it is memory itself.

I have spent a lot of time walking around parks in Seattle the last few weeks, letting this smell soak in. I will end this post with some pictures from those adventures.






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