Kinetic Energy: Jogging Our Big Island

By Jeremy:

We have now lived on the south side of the big island, among the lava fields, for over four months. Although we have explored many of the beach and forest areas around here, as well as the farmer’s markets, we have not explored our own neighborhood very much. Usually, when we are at home, we just hang out and work on the property here.

Today, I decided to go for a jog around the neighborhood and I’m glad I did.

First off, jogging in dry tropical weather feels great. The air is warm enough that it wraps around you like a blanket, but it’s not so hot that it tires you out more than the actual jogging.

The views along the way are amazing as well. We have views of the ocean from our property, but the vistas along my route cover huge stretches of open ocean. It’s a lot better than staring at a TV mounted above a tread mill!

I forgot to bring a water bottle with me, but I was in luck because my jogging route was also full of Lilikoi ( or ‘passionfruit’) growing by the side of the road. Lilikoi are to Hawaii what blackberry bushes are to Seattle. While I am sure to many Hawaiians they are probably about as boring as blackberries were to me, I was delighted at an unlimited supply of juicy, delicious fruit to keep me going on my jog.

It was also interesting to get to see more houses and how other people have found ways to live in the lava. They ranged from homes that looked like they had been plopped down straight out of a seaside resort town, to impromptu shacks, and even one person who appeared to be living in a storage container with a series of plywood expansions forming a little patio. Incidentally, that person had one of the best views along the way, so I can’t blame them for not being too particular about what sort of roof is over their head.

Today was my first run, but hopefully it will be the first of many. I am excited to have jogging now as another activity to get to know more about our surroundings.

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