Eat Fresh: Buy In-Season and Local

It hasn’t always been easy to identify what is fresh in the marketplace. Many vegetables and fruits are genetically mortified to grow throughout the year. Depending on how you feel about genetically modified food this may not matter very much to you.

Still, consider that most genetically modified food is grown in a small group of Midwestern states. Shipping all that food has a high cost. The price of fuel often effects the price of your food for this reason.

How can you avoid food cost spikes?

Buy local and in-season, preferably at a farmer’s market.

These items are likely to be the cheapest (no middle man) and the freshest. The further a piece of fruit or a vegetable has to travel to your plate the longer it has to decompose. Gross!

You can see what’s in-season in your state by finding your location on this map from (below). No doubt, your local farmer’s market will have what you’re craving from the list!

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