2012 Presidential Debate (1 of 3): Watch Here at 9pm EST

Update: 12pm EST

Full video of the October 3rd US Presidential debate available here:

Update: 1030p EST





Written 8pm EST:

Below is a live stream of the first presidential debate scheduled for tonight at 9pm EST. Our featured stream is hosted by ABCNews/YouTube and will include live coverage all day long. CBS, CNN, FOX and MSNBC will also feature live streams on their respective websites. Tune in at your leisure. If you’re interested in applications for your mobile device check out our list below as well.

Live Debate Stream:

Moderated by PBS NewsHour’s Jim Lehrer

Watching the debate is easy from a mobile device too. Simply, go to youtube.com and search for the ABC News or PBS NewsHour streams. Both will stream the debate without the need for downloading an app.

Recommended Applications

Washington Post has an application that includes a historical map of election results since 1789. It is FREE, UNLESS you want to see blogs and additional content from the outlet, which will cost you $3.

Hearst Television also offers the Election-2012 app which will allow you to watch coverage from their outlets around the country. You’ll get a lot with this application, including fact checking. Cost: $1.

Speaking of factchecking, Politifact also offers a application that allows you to follow their updates and all the features normally available on their website. Unfortunately, it will set you back $2.

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