What Is Your Energy Attitude?

Please answer these questions and help us prepare for upcoming interviews.

Please be honest when answering these questions. There are a couple questions you could look up, but we would prefer to know the answers that you already have stored in your mind. We will not use your answers without your permission and will not use your name and contact information for anything but research purposes. Mahalo for you time!

If you are not from Hawai’i you can and should still participate!
Please indicate what US state you are from and answer questions as if we were asking about your home.

Photo: Energy4me.org

Hawai’i-based interview participants for the Wild and Free Project as of now

  • local honey and macadamia nut farmer
  • small business owner who vends only local, Hawai’ian food
  • co-owner of a used car dealership
  • small business owner who builds motors for bicycles
  • local avocado, coffee, goat, and macadamia nut farmer
  • solar water heating expert and installer
  • the owner of the eco-resort we host (aka our boss)!

Possible interview questions


Where did you grow up:

Where do you live now:

What is your name and age:

Opinion about energy in Hawaii

Do you think that developing sources of clean energy should be a low, medium, high, or very high priority for Hawaii?

  • low priority
  • medium priority
  • high priority
  • very high priority

Read the following list. Do you think these people should be doing more or less to address global warming?

  • Local government officials
  • State legislators
  • Your government
  • US congress
  • The President
  • Corporations/Industry
  • You
  • Your community (other citizens)

Do you strongly support, somewhat support, somewhat oppose, strongly oppose these policy programs:

  • Renewable energy research
  • Tax rebates for efficient cars or solar panels, or other energy efficiency purchases
  • Regulate pollution from Carbon Dioxide or other Green House Gases
  • Expand offshore drilling
  • Require utilities to provide 20% clean energy
  • Sign international treaty to cut emissions
  • Eliminate all federal energy subsidies
  • Build more nuclear power plants.

Opinion regarding Hawaii’s use of gasoline

In your opinion, Hawaii uses gasoline as a source of energy:

  • as much as other US states
  • more than most US states
  • less than most US states

Out of 100%, what percentage of Hawaii’s energy comes from oil?

  • 12%
  • 25%
  • 67%
  • 90%
  • 96%

Which of the following statements comes closest to your own point of view? Hawaii should reduce its oil use:

  • regardless of what other nations and states do
  • only if other US states do
  • only if the federal government requires it
  • Hawaii should not reduce oil consumption

How big of an effort should Hawaii make to reduce oil consumption and what are your ideas?

How much do you spend on electricity and gasoline each week?

What have you, your family and your community done to reduce energy and resource consumption?

What could you, your family, and community do to reduce energy resource consumption?

Do you think global warming should be a low, medium, high, or very high priority for Hawaii?

Submitting answers

If you feel comfortable sharing your answers with the world, please do so in our comments section. If you would like to reply by email please send your answers to wildfreeproject@gmail.com

If you are from the big island of Hawaii and would like to participate in an face-to-face interview or focus group session for the Wild and Free project please contact us by email to set up an appointment.


Please share your thoughts, all are welcome and will receive a thoughtful response.

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