It’s Autumn In Hawaii And… The Flowers Are Blooming?

By Jeremy:

Hawaii doesn’t necessarily have seasons like the mainland, but we have been here long enough now to notice a few things that do change as the year turns round.

We a gossip-worthy warm summer, which really tested our ability to stay cool and away from mosquitos at the same time. Yet, in the last few weeks we have noticed a turn from days that are hot and sunny with almost no rain, to partly cloudy days with occasional bursts of rainfall. It’s a lot like the weather when we first got here in June. Of course, the temperature never gets below about 65, but it’s still been enough that we’ve had to replace our tank tops with t-shirts on occasion.

First, and most apparently, the birds are back. We noticed that many of our birds – save for the real tough ones like pigeons and mynas – disappeared around the beginning of July. In the last few weeks, we have seen and heard bright yellow saffron finches and strikingly colored yellow-billed cardinals returning to their pre-summer numbers.

The other big change is also one that was surely an incentive for the birds’ return: with more rain have come more flowers and fruits.

The lime tree below had one small lime and not much else on it when we first arrived. It now has about 15 little limes (the things that look like little green buds are actually limes) and several beautiful flowers.

There are also bright red blossoms on the Ohi’a trees and our passion fruit vines are producing a bigger and juicier bounty. In short, just about everything alive has flourished with the slight shift in weather away from desperate heat.

Of course, it’s still too soon to make any real conclusions about what the change in season has in store for us. No matter what we get it still feels better than getting ready to dig in for another cold, wet, dark Seattle autumn. After — years, I’ve earned my sun.

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