Response To Romney’s Speech

By Karyn: Yahoo! published my short response tonight (code name: Harp Archer). Below is the content.

You’ll notice a conflictual tone in the headline. I did not write it. My idea was “Energy Independence Is About Industrial Strength.” My headline is a lot less emotional and doesn’t have the key term optimization. Whatever! Check it out. 


Romney’s Stance on Energy Unfounded (link)

Playing Favorites for Traditional Sources Ignores the Success Among Modern Technology in the Natural Gas, Solar, Wind, and Geothermal Industries

While watching Romney speak, I focused on his gesture to reflect on the last four years. After drawing attention to the Obama Administration, he would suddenly reminisce on the Reagan years.

Repeatedly casting those 20 or so years aside, he claimed that an “assault” on coal, gas and oil would occur soon and really hurt the economy. Even from Romney’s Reagan years perspective, his argument is unfounded. In 1988, Reagan cut tax incentives for the entire energy industry, fossil and renewable, and nothing happened to the progress of any of those markets (that’s another discussion).

Energy independence was also the first promise of Romney’s administration. He mentioned that jobs would go to China when we don’t support the traditional (fossil) industries. Yet, China is already out producing us in coal and neither of our countries even make the top ten list for (Read more… )

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