West Hawaii News Updates: Turtles, Volcanoes Park Makeover, And A Biofuel Refinery

By Karyn and Jeremy:

Lots of exciting issues are moving through the Ka’u Country community where we live. Over the next couple weeks and months we will be updating on the progress of these issues as well as sharing our opinions about them.

Volcanoes National Park Visitor And Trail Restoration

Urgent! Public comments must be submitted by September 10th!

Volcanoes National Park is considering a redesign of the Visitor’s Center, driving access and trail system. There are four options and you should know which you prefer. Stay tuned for our coverage.

Issues: Climate change, wildlife preservation, transportation, tourism, recreation, hiking, public access, Nene protection.

Coverage is limited, but this issue is important. Read more on page 3 of this week’s Ka’u Newsletter or their blurb in this blog entry.

Turtle And Petroglyph Sites In Modern Hawai’i: Development Of Near By Lava Lands And Beach Sites For Commercial And Residential Use

Kahuku Village construction has been an issue of public debate for more than two years in our area. The issue may soon be resolved, as we move closer to an agreement between businesses and residents. A

Issues: Endangered Turtle protection, water use for proposed golf course, job creation, affordable housing costs, tourism, traffic (air/car), open space preservation, solar and wind power, waste runoff.

Video from Big Island Video News

Experimental Biofuel Plant Proposed Near Pahala, Hawai’i

Issues: Technical feasibility, energy costs, land use/protection, tax revenue, air pollution, invasive crops, agricultural impacts, waste runoff

Video from Big Island Video News

Quote from article:

HECO and ‘Āina Koa Pono have agreed to develop a 13,000 acre Energy Farm as well as a processing plant located on the site of the old macadamia equipment shed. The industrial zoned plot is owned by the Edmund Olson trust. Company officials say the $320 million project will create a minimum of 300 construction jobs over the first two years and ultimately more than 100 permanent operation and farming jobs.But residents had a lot of questions about what the benefits to the community will be, aside from the jobs.

Editorial Note

We have returned from a short break due to the recent arrival of family. We have a bunch of pictures and new material to share, so look out for posts over the next couple weeks. If you have a subscription, we suggest revising your settings to that you receive a bundled email at the end of each week which provides a summary of our updates (rather than receiving an email for each new post). You can access these settings in any of the emails you have received from our website.

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