Day 1: Jumping Off the Southern Most Point in the US (Video Dedicated to our Dads!)

Below is our video from our first day in Hawaii. We took a drive toward the city of Hilo and jumped off a cliff….

it was the southern most point in the US, can you blame us for trying to get souther?

The video took a long time to edit (we’re learning!!), so we’ll explain the ‘arrival drama’ soon. For now, we want to get to bed.

We visited Volcano National Park and a black sand beach today (Saturday). In the next few days we’re going to explore Green Sands Beach and a couple hikes nearby.

We emailed the Mauna Kea Observatories to try and get an interview, so we’ll let you know how that went when we catch word from them. We already landed agreements for interviews with some local fruit and macadamia farmers. We can’t wait to get started.

PS: In terms of video quality, we promise we’ll fix the stabilization stuff soon. We’re going to buy a new computer with the money we raised from the SciFund Challenge, as well as some of the money Karyn earned when se served as an Americorps.


Music by Gospel Claws!!

4 thoughts on “Day 1: Jumping Off the Southern Most Point in the US (Video Dedicated to our Dads!)

  1. Thanks for the comments!
    @Peter, keep an eye on Bing travel, you might find a good deal. 🙂
    @Lee, Lifeguards? What is this a nanny state? Live free or die, preferably at the same time! The locals were begging us not to and we did it anyhow! Just kidding, these are well-known jumping spots and Safety Karyn has an eye out for Death.
    @Riley, gotta stay connected to our animal instincts.

  2. Very cool! Thanks for the dedication & remember to know your beach before you swim in it (former lifeguard — couldn’t stop myself).

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