Karyn is presenting her thesis at the University of Washington this Thursday!

“Framing global climate change in the 24-hour news cycle: 2007-2009”

May 31st @ 130pm in Bloedel 292 (map)

30 minute presentation + 15 minutes for questions

Committee: Clare Ryan (Chair, SEFS), Patricia Moy (Communication), Thomas Ackerman (Atmospheric Sciences)

Please join me for an discussion of global climate change politics and solution building.

Framing patterns describe formative stages in a flow of information about global climate change. In an agenda setting cycle four stages of public dialogue take place. For environmental problems these are impact, problem, discussion, and action. Framing takes place within and among each of these stages, serving a function that defines what information continues to flow through the public sphere over time. Results from this study may help clarify how global climate change science and related information has been altered by framing patterns among three major news outlets (MSNBC, CNN, FOX). I conclude by offering insight from my sample for communicating a nuanced view of global climate change.

Link to the announcement here.

We will record the event, so don’t worry if you miss it!


Please share your thoughts, all are welcome and will receive a thoughtful response.

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