Check out the website Karyn built for a professor at the University of Washington

For months, I’ve been designing and building a website for Dr. Nives Dolsak at the University of Washington and it was finallllllllly published today. You can check it out here.

Screen shots:

I warn that as of May 25th at 6pm we were still in the process of fine tuning details. I authored the literature section of the Mitigation Technology page, which is evidenced by two typos (can you find them before we fix them?).

The website is about Dr. Dolsak’s course “Governmental Responses to Global Climate Change,” which she teaches at the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs. I took the course last quarter and really loved it. Honestly, a great deal of my inspiration for the Wild and Free Project came from that class and will continue to be inspired by Dr. Dolsak’s work.

Nives is a pretty big deal in the management world and she’s a genuinely wonderful person. As a PhD students she worked with 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner Elinor Ostrom and has published several books. She’s from Slovenia and gives lectures all around the world about international climate change governance.

Check out one of her presentations here. She starts right away with a joke about carbon credits. If you’re an environmental nerd you have to love that.

Check out a related subject:

– Karyn

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