Help us promote our SciFund crowdfunding campaign! (templates provided)

As part of the SciFund Challenge, we are raising money for our project through RocketHub (it’s like Kickstarter for scientists). Our campaign website will be up and running tomorrow! It will be our first crowdfunding project. We could ask our friends and family for money, but we’d rather ask for help reaching larger audiences. Your promotional support is priceless to us.

Can you help promote the project?

Our donation site:

(1) Add us on Facebook, Twitter and WordPress

(2) Post a status update about our project

(3) Submit suggestions and comments for our project

(4) Send links/emails (like this one) to your friends:


My friends, Karyn and Jeremy, are attempting to raise awareness for a community engagement project on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Could you take a moment to check out their website?

Your interest and attention will help Karyn and Jeremy expand their audience for their research and interactive webseries. For the next year, they will post a series of video journals cataloging their experience living off-the-grid in a Yurt, all while conducting interviews and asking local residents about how they think Hawai’i should get its energy in the future. 

Check out their trailer here:

Donate to their cause here:

Thank you!!


Jeremy and Karyn

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